social media

Social Media, as a marketing tool, is still relatively new in the greater scheme of things. However, this has become so ingrained in every aspect of our lives, that without it, your brand simply cannot survive.

While large corporates can afford to either employ their own social media division, or spend vast sums on retaining the larger social media agencies, SME’s and startups are often the companies who need this service the most, but budget constraints dont allow for this ‘luxury’ …

… mindsets are changing. Consumers are now more flexible, fullly mobile and constantly consuming information and data. This means they are more intelligent and more likely to shop on the go. If your brand is not firmly comfortable and well placed in this online arena, your brand is in danger of being lost in all the noise.

Allow OMG Media to meet you halfway with our affordable, but ever-effective social media marketing.


1.71 billion monthly active users in mid-2016

823 million are mobile-only users

over a billion active users every day

50 million active small business Pages

75% of brands pay to promote their posts

Posts published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement

stats from brandwatch blog 2016


310 million active monthly users

500 million people visit the site each month without logging in

208 is the average number of followers

500 million Tweets sent each day – that is 6,000 Tweets every second

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to

The average Twitter user follows five businesses

80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet

stats from brandwatch blog 2016